What´s cooking here?

I went to a convent school. I do remember being taught to sew there, but not to cook…

Hot chocolate with marshmallows comfort memories

Hot Chocolate

Scones and cream food memories


a loaf of crusty bread

crusty bread

What got you cooking?

…My mum bought some remnant material and the most hideous pattern, so I had no motivation whatsoever to finish the garment. And yet she was an avid seamstress. It was similar with cooking I don’t remember being taught how to cook at school. Mum didn´t teach me, she just expected me to pick it up, I think. The first time I tried to do a stir fry I burned the pan.

Mum had every cookery magazine that ever came out. They were all stashed in a cupboard. I foraged through them every now and again. This must have inspired me to forget about the burned pan and get cooking and baking. During the time I was at college, I  used to travel to my friends on the train with boxes of food I had put together.

When I went to Germany as an Au-Pair girl in 1981, I am still here by the way, I had to do some serious cooking and realized that I had been paying attention, watching my mum and step mum and others cook, as I was able to reproduce some of their signature dishes. Such as Moussaka, Beef Stroganoff or Coq au Vin. My Au pair mum in Germany also taught me a great deal, particularly how to cook tasty vegetables and make delicious salads, which my husband still goes crazy about today.

My favourite place

has always been the library. Anywhere I go, one of the first places I visit is the library or the bookshop.

To Browse

I love the ones with lounge chairs and coffee shops. More often than not I end up browsing through cookery books. 

A collection

I have quite a collection of cookery books at home, some inherited. My husband cannot imagine why I would need any more.

TV cooking programs

Watching cookery programs is a passtime that relaxes and also inspires me. Often, what I have seen will find its way onto our dinner plates the same evening, perhaps somewhat adapted.

What you might find here:

Ideas, stories and memories that will hopefully jog your own memories and give you some joy.

Feeling hungry

Have you heard of the saying “Hunger ist the best sauce?” If you come home to the smell of a freshly baked apple pie, and you are feelling a little peckish, how much better does it taste when you sit down at the table and eat a piece? If you have been snacking all day, you probably won´t even notice the glorious smell of the the baker’s effforts.

Childhood memory recipes

I am sure everyone can think of a dish which conjures up memories form their childhood


Stories about food

I think most of us have stories in our childhood connected with food. And these memories and the food can be comforting to this day


Tweeks on old classics

Times change and so do we and the way we eat. Or can we learn things from the way we used to eat?


Poems about food

Food has been a great inspiration for creative people writing poems or songs


Listen to the cook

What do cooks have to say about the way food has evolved?


a cup of coffee and a sing-a-long?

Songs about food, conjuring up memories



Hot chocolate and marshmellows

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash