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Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Custard

Chocolate sponge and chcolate custard was a typical school dinner pudding when I was at school. And it was one of my favourites. It wasn´t quite as rich as on the picture, but yummy none the less.

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Beef and Dumpling Soup

For the dumplings, mix all the ingredients together, and allow them to rest for 10 minutes, then form dumplings to the size you want, and drop them carefully into the soup which has been re-heated and is now simmering.

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Victorian Trifle

Ingredients Custard 3 egg yolks 25g corn flour 50g caster sugar 600 ml milk 300 ml  single cream...

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Chicken in a basket

You can make this vegan with tofu or vegan meat, if you marinate the tofu, the flavour is more intensive. I tend to marinate Mediterranean with olive oil, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, salt, pepper, and a little white wine vinegar.

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