Project Category: Dessert

Old fashioned rice pudding

Recipes for baked rice pudding can be found in recipe books of the 17th century. Then it was also flavoured with nutmeg. However, unlike today rice was not available for everyone as it was imported and expensive. So, a luxurious dish. On a day like today – gusty winds and lots of rain – baked rice pudding can be a real comforter.

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Rustic apple pie

This was the only apple pie my daughter would eat, so as you can imagine, it was made quite often. You can eat it with cream or custard, warm or cold as you please.

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Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Custard

Chocolate sponge and chcolate custard was a typical school dinner pudding when I was at school. And it was one of my favourites. It wasn´t quite as rich as on the picture, but yummy none the less.

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