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Chicken in a basket

You can make this vegan with tofu or vegan meat, if you marinate the tofu, the flavour is more intensive. I tend to marinate Mediterranean with olive oil, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, salt, pepper, and a little white wine vinegar.

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Chicken – Noodle Stir Fry

Stir fries are the ideal opportunity for using any odd vegetables you have in the fridge, like single carrots, or half a broccoli or anything like that. And I can vouch for them as true comfort food, particularly with noodles and chicken.

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Chicken – Chicken Vindaloo

If you cook the chicken the day before you make the curry, which my mum often did, you can then remove the fat that settles on the top. Mum always served the Vindaloo with yellow basmati rice. You can also serve it with potatoes and or greens. And accompany it with raita and chutney.

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Chicken – Mum´s roast chicken

One of my first memories of chicken is a roast chicken my mum made, on a Sunday. I was about five. Just as it had come out of the oven, someone knocked at the door, and my mum took the guest into another room to talk to.

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