Gluten-free Potato Bread

Using potatoes makes this bread stay fresh for longer unlike many gluten-free breads which dry out quickly.

Ingredients for one loaf

  • 200g potatoes (use a floury starchy type)
  • 1 Tbs Soya/Oatmeal/Almond drink
  • 50g warm water
  • 20 g of fresh yeast
  • 10g coconut sugar or another brown sugar
  • 150g potato starch
  • 100g buckwheat flour
  • 50 g chestnut flour or chestnut puree
  • 40g sunflower seeds
  • 30g  crushed flax seeds
  • 20g sesame seeds as a topping
  • 8g psyllium husks
  • 2g carob gum
  • 12g table salt
  • 100g water
  • 1 Tbs apple vinegar


Gluten free potato bread


Step 1:

Cook the potatoes until they are soft. Pour away the water. Leave them to cool. Peel  and mash them.

Step 2:

To make the pre-dough or preferment pour the warm water, the yeast and the sugar into a bowl and mix. Leave it to work for 15 minutes. When you can see bubbles, and the amount has doubled, it is ready for use.

Step 3:

Add the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix them together.

Step 4:

Mix the water and the apple vinegar.

Step 5:

Add the potaoes, the dried mix and the pre-dough together in a mixing bowl and knead everything together with a hand-mixer or a machine for about 2-3 minutes. Then leave to proove for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6:

Prehaeat the oven to 220° (not fan) and prepare a baking tray with greaseproof paper. It also helps to put an ovenproof bowl of water in the oven to create steam.

Step 7:

When the dough has prooved, empty it out onto a floured board and knead well.

Step 8:

Then place the loaf into an oval baking form, one of your choice. Slash the loaf with a sharp knife, add a littel water and spread sesame seeds and a few sunflower seeds on top.

Step 9:

Place the loaf in the oven for 10 minutes.

Step 10:

Take the bread out of the oven and brush it with the soya/… drink. Reduce the heat to 180°C and bake the  loaf for another 50 minutes.

Step 11:

Let the bread cool and enjoy with some home-made herbbutter.


Gluten free potato bread

Gluten-free bread that tastes good

Probably only those having to eat gluten-free for health reasons would understand this, but baking something gluten-free, whether cake or bread and having it turn out tasty, is a real achievement. Gluten-free baking can be tricky. I like this recipe, although it has many ingredients because it works and the bread keeps well. The loaf in the picture has ingredient measures and was circular. My daughter, who is very critical about bread, likes this bread.



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