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This site is about food memories. I am sure many of you have experienced how one bite of food can bring back a flood of nostalgia that grasps each of our senses. These are difficult times when we cannot always eat and cook with one another. It can bring solace to share such food memories and reminisce over the whole backdrop of these memories, by staying in contact.

The secret of food

lies in memory.

The best way to start a meal? With a trip to the local market

Tour the stalls, meet the sellers and discover local products.

“I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places and I wanted to be a part of that. ”

José Andres Puerta




“The best memories are made when gathered around the table.”

“Love, however, is very materially assisted by a warm and active imagination: which has a long memory and will thrive, for a considerable time, on very slight and sparing food.”

Charles Dickens

Let’s remenisce Together!

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